May 20, 2020
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Benefits Of Having In-House MRI Scan Facilities At Health-Care Centres

MRI services help health centers to expand their diagnosis spectrum. Having in-house services and access to MRI, reputable services like Galaxy Healthcare can offer with scanning in real-time to patients.

• It enables radiology departments to be fully equipped to perform a whole-body scan in real-time.
• This factor is beneficial for patients as they don’t have to spend time waiting for the reports.
• It also eliminates the need to travel to get the whole body scanned for a particular diagnose.

Having access to an MRI scan at the center offers patients and staff with numerous benefits. Some such benefits have been mentioned here below.

Optimization of whole-body screening

One major advantage that Galaxy Healthcare services have is that they can streamline the scanning process. This offers benefits where the wait time for patients also reduces. The workflow and diagnosis process also gets optimized.

This factor of having in-house MRI scan facilities is beneficial for senior patients and children, who are unable to travel to get the whole body scanned.

Eliminates patients movements

Having access to services within the premises also reduces patient movement between hospital and scan center. Reputable centers like Galaxy Healthcare can provide full diagnose to the patients at the premises itself.

The hospital just has to set up its preparation room for patients that can be accessed at any time, especially during an emergency.

State-of-the-art Radiology services

If your hospital is well equipped, then you can hire well-qualified staff for performing MRI services. Based on the reputation of your Galaxy Healthcare you can now offer the right level of radiology treatment. In many cases and diagnoses patients are expected to undergo full-body MRI.

These services are important for patients undergoing cancer treatment, tumor identification and treatment, and other muscle and bone-related issues.

If the patients are in a very critical stage, then moving them out for MRI services may not be recommended. This is where in-house services are more beneficial. The reports of these patients can be generated daily and treatments are provided on-time.

In-house MRI services are also more affordable for doctors and patients alike, as it eliminates the need to travel a long distance.

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