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Digital X-Ray At Galaxy Healthcare

The X-Ray passes through the patient's frame and the digital camera (placed on the other side of the patient) and captures the resulting photograph.

A fundamental base station stores the snap shots on a tough disk for picture retrieval and processing.

Are there any risks related to the X-Ray check?

The quantity of radiation you acquire from a unmarried x-ray could be very low.

Technologists are educated to preserve radiation exposures right down to a minimal at the same time as making sure top-rated diagnostic accuracy.

Female sufferers who are, or is probably pregnant, must inform the referring physician, technologist or radiologist previous to having any x-rays.

Your time with us will depend upon the form of x-ray being completed as well as your mobility or physical condition.

The system of taking a single x-ray will last just a few mins, but, a few examinations require that x-rays be taken in specific positions.

More complex imaging or multiple frame component to be x-rayed requires greater time to finish.