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Whole Body DEXA Scan

A bone density take a look at determines when you have osteoporosis — a disorder that reasons bones to come to be more fragile and more likely to break.

In the beyond, osteoporosis could be detected only after you broke a bone. By that point, however, your bones may be quite vulnerable. A bone density take a look at enhances the accuracy of calculating your chance of breaking bones.

A bone density test uses X-rays to measure how many grams of calcium and different bone minerals are packed into a phase of bone. The bones which can be most generally examined are inside the spine, hip and forearm.

The better your bone mineral content, the denser your bones are. And the denser your bones, the stronger they typically are and the much less in all likelihood they may be to interrupt.

Bone density exams fluctuate from bone scans. Bone scans require an injection beforehand and are normally used to discover fractures, cancer, infections and different abnormalities within the bone.

Although osteoporosis is extra not unusual in older women, men also can develop the situation. Regardless of your intercourse or age, your doctor may additionally endorse a bone density check in case you've:

Lost height. People who've misplaced as a minimum 1.6 inches (four centimeters) in height may additionally have compression fractures in their spines, for which osteoporosis is one of the principal causes.

Fractured a bone. Fragility fractures arise whilst a bone becomes so fragile that it breaks plenty more without difficulty than anticipated. Fragility fractures can on occasion be caused by a sturdy cough or sneeze.

Taken sure tablets. Long-time period use of steroid medicines, together with prednisone, interferes with the bone-rebuilding technique — that may lead to osteoporosis.